Many business, with amazing products and services, are often not found because they struggle to break through all the noise of the internet.

Sean Patrick has created launched the Charity(y) podcastto help heart-centered entrepreneurs share and leverage growth tactics to their products can create clients and make an impact on the world!

His main goal is also helping others learn how to create a podcast that can help them grow their business, while making a positive impact in the world, through free (and premium, if desired) services. (Over half of all profits are immediately given out as a no-interest micro-loans to people around the world via Kiva.org.) Although we are not a non-profit ourselves, we make it a priority to give back ourselves at every opportunity.

Sean Patrick

Sean began podcasting by interviewing entrepreneurs about how they grew high-ticket clients with totally integrity, and over time, starting including the question "How does your business give back?" into our line-up. Through this exploration, we learned about some amazing non-profits that are changing the world. Now the podcast is entirely focused the charities that businesses choose to give back to, and we look forward to doing more!

We are able to afford to afford these charity initiatives with premium done-for-you podcast creation services. Integrity is very important to us, so please feel free to explore our podcast and free Facebook group to learn more about the kind of business we are!